Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cupcakes by post - to be or not to be?

So I've been thinking of ideas of how to take the Lottie's Cupcakes brand nationwide by looking for solutions to post my cupcakes via Royal Mail. After extensively researching the web it seems that it is near on impossible to send them via royal mail without them being totally crushed and mushed up and upside down when they arrive at their destination. I stumbled across this site from the US. They have made this fabulous cupcake case in which to send your cupcakes by post, safely and securely without them moving. They can be turned upside down and the icing still remains away from the lid of the pot and arrive safely to the customer. Trouble is these are quite pricey and it seems they do not have a UK distributor. Back to square one :0(  Any ideas gratefully received.

                                                                                          The Original Cup A Cake

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  1. Good idea, there must be a solution... thinking cap time !